Getting Around with The BMW X3

Living in Miami means that I need to rely on a car (most of the time) to get around. Yes, ride-sharing apps are really awesome for those times when I don’t feel like driving, but the truth is I can’t rely on them 100%. Especially this time of year, I need a car that gets me where I need to go comfortably (and stylishly) and fits everything I need to buy. That’s why I love the all-new 2018 BMW X3. It has a huge trunk, so I’m able to fit every last Christmas gift in there without a problem, plus it is beautiful. I have one in black, which I think is the ultimate color for elegance and luxury. I tend to go to Brickell City Centre to buy all my holiday gifts because of their mix of high-end shops and one-of-a-kind options (I love All Saints, Apple, and Dyptique) and I swear I’ve gotten car compliments from the valet on more than one occasion.


One amazing thing about winter in Miami is that the weather absolutely cannot be beat. The skies are bright blue and cloudless, the breeze makes you feel like you’re laying on a tropical beach, and the low humidity makes it amazingly comfortable to spend the entire day outside. If there’s one thing I hate it’s being stuck indoors all day while it’s so perfect outside. That’s why my favorite feature in the BMW X3 is the huge sunroof. Even when I’m running errands, I can still enjoy Miami’s beautiful weather. My friends love it, too. There’s a hidden spot in Key Biscayne where I love watching the sunset and when it’s a little too cool outside (yes, it happens sometimes), we can all just sit in the car with our seat warmers on and the sunroof open and just take in all that Miami has to offer. There’s simply nothing better.


I’ve never given so much thought to a car, but my BMW X3 has convinced me otherwise. If you’re thinking about it as your next vehicle, definitely go test drive one. You’ll love it. And let me know if you have any questions – I’ll tell you all about it! @bmwusa #OwnYourCity

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