The Smart Phone I Use Might Surprise You

Imagine this: you’re at a party with your friends and you want to take a group picture. Everyone takes out their phones to offer up their cameras. If you had to bet, you’d probably say that 9 out of those 10 devices were iPhones, right? I would think the same thing because, in my mind, iPhones offer the best features. But another phone came along to completely prove me wrong (and I’m just as surprised as you might be).

Check out the Essential Phone. You probably wouldn’t even know it if you saw it because this phone famously leaves any logos or branding off of its devices. Why? They want the phone to be all about YOU, not them (that’s kind of refreshing). The phones come in a few colors ranging from blue to gray to black – personally, I chose the Copper Black, but they just came out with a really beautiful Ocean Depths color that’s bluish-greenish and really unique.

So what makes it so good? First of all, this phone takes amazing photos. Everyone is after that portrait mode that makes its subject look so freakin’ good, right? Well, this phone has that. It has a front and rear camera so you can choose what you prefer. The camera is actually pretty incredible. Not only can you take 360 video, but you can also film in 4K, so your end result almost looks fake, it’s so good. Check out some stuff I’ve shot with my Essential:

Oh and do you drop your phone all the time like I do? It’s not a big deal with Essential, because their phones are made out of titanium – like the stuff that rockets are made out of (in case you’re wondering, most other phones are made of aluminum)!

To me, it’s really important to have a device the produces beautiful content for my social media channels and it’s pretty cool that I’ve found those capabilities in a phone. They come with a ton of storage, they work with all carriers, and they are affordable when you compare it with the most popular phone on the market. This all seems too good to be true, but it isn’t. Check it out for yourself. And I don’t know, I don’t think I’ll go back to other phones after trying this one! #EssentialPhone

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