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eddie Otero

Love at first sight could never be explained better without mentioning what Eddie Otero has towards arts. At a very young age, Eddie’s love for the things of fashion and art has been overwhelming. From sketching amazing couture dresses and designs at just 10 years old, to studying film and advertising in Miami. The multi-talented Eddie has advanced in this numerous talents until he discovered another brilliant passion for photography.

Eddie started taking snapshots of people around him, his friends and the rest of his surroundings. He had a good eye for angles, which was quite evident as his pictures were top notch and well taken. He advanced this hobby by graduating with a major in Advertising and Video Production. This degree however, has given Eddie an amazing taste for quality and well-advanced taste in depicting scenes through the eye of a camera especially in fashion and film.

Eddie has won the hearts of his fans and has become an emerging house hold name in trendy fashion styles, movie making and lifestyle personality. He is an exciting social media influencer and a published life style expert that has inspired thousands of fans from across the world in living an amazing lifestyle.

The iconic style expert, who is originally a Venezuelan-Colombian but now based in Florida, is well known for his impressive personal appearance and lifestyle which incredibly combines his sensual power and outstanding touch as a world class style expert which has now become a popular demand for notable organizations and magazines around the world like GQ, Condé Nast Traveler, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, to mention a few.

He has been featured on the red carpet during many awards shows not forgetting several events, like New York Fashion Week and music festivals, like Coachella.

Now with a large fan base of hundreds of thousands of followers, Eddie now motivates fans and aspiring enthusiast across the world to feel comfortable in their own skin and strive to become the best version of them. With social media becoming a veritable platform to reach out to his fans worldwide, Eddie has created more inspired lifestyle videos and pictures for his fans. And if you really want to catch up on his inspiring moments, learn about emphasizing beauty with fashion and learning several value-added fitness tips and beauty tutorials, his Instagram account is the place to be.

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